Specialty Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Specialty Drill Bit

Specialty Bit Types


Glass & Tile Bits – Smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble tile, china, mirrors and glass.  Spear-pointed tip design reduces breakout


Step Drills – Designed for drilling a variety of perfectly sized holes with one bit. Also used for enlarging holes. Handle repetitive drilling of holes in thin gauge metal, wood, plastic and PVC. Available in titanium coated and high speed steel.


Countersinks – Designed to countersink, deburr and chamfer in metal, wood, and plastic. Titanium coated countersink lasts up to 6x longer than high speed steel.  High speed steel has a 5-flute design with 82 degree point for smooth chamfering.  Tool steel has an adjustable blade to set exact depth needed.


Screw Pilots – Fast countersinking and counterboring in one operation. Drill in wood, plastic and composition materials.  Hex shank for reduced slip in drill chuck.


Plug Cutters – Produce plugs for covering or hiding screws in all types of wood.  Hardened steel body for long life.

Specialty Drill Bit Selection Guide