Router Bit Features & Terminology

Vermont American router bits are precision-engineered to provide the smoothest, most accurate cutting for professional craftsmen, carpenters, do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists. Available in carbide tipped, titanium coated and high speed steel styles.

Router Bit Types



Carbide Tipped – Specially formulated carbide grades for superior durability and cutting edges. 1/4” and 1/2” shanks are available.


Titanium Coated – Titanium nitride coating reduces heat and friction. Available with 1/4″ shanks.

High Speed Steel – Optimizes quality of cut in woodworking applications. Ideal for the occasional woodworker and do-ityourselfer. Available with 1/4″ shanks.

Color Coded Router Bit Selection Guide


  • Straight/Mortising –  Use straight bits for template cutting, rabbeting and trimming
  • Trimming/Cutout – For fast smooth trimming and through cutting of laminates, plywood, paneling and other materials
  • Cabinetry/Joinery – Use joinery bits for various types of joint applications
  • Surface Forming – Use surface forming bits for grooving, lettering and sign
  • Edge Forming – Use edge forming bits to add attractive edging on wood pieces


Vermont American’s Router Bit Features & Benefits

  • Razor sharp cutting edges are diamond honed for satin smooth cuts.
  • Radial relief eliminates friction and chatter.
  • Optimized hook and shear angles for faster chip clearance and quicker feed rates.
  • Ball bearing guides on selected edging and trimming bits prevent burning and marring.
  • Triple tempered shanks for maximum durability.