Standard Steel Circular Saw Blades

Standard steel blades feature a super-sharp edge for smooth cuts and are made of high quality steel that is hardened and tempered for durability. Blades are easily resharpened.

  • 26406 is a three-blade set including the following blades: 26330 rip / crosscut; 26350 7-1/4″, 20 tooth chisel tooth blade for rip / crosscut; and 26370 fine finish blade for plywood
  • Fine finish blade generates smooth, clean cuts in plywood, paneling and veneer up to 3/4″ thick and yields less splintering than combination style blades
  • Rip / crosscut blade is recommended for smooth crosscuts, rips and miters in all wood types at moderate cutting speeds
Where to Buy
Item #Blade DiameterNumber of TeethArborKerfPlate ThicknessApplicationTool TypeMax. RPMQuantity
263307-1/4"405/8" DKO0.097".051"Rip / crosscutPortable / worm drive7,9001
263707-1/4"1505/8" DKO0.079".051"Fine finishPortable / worm drive7,9001
264067-1/4"20, 40, 1505/8"0.097".051"VariablePortable / worm drive7,9001
264927-1/4"405/8" DKO0.097".051"Rip / crosscutPortable / worm drive7,90025 (bulk)
264947-1/4"1505/8"0.079".051"Fine finishPortable / worm drive7,90025 (bulk)