Power Spur Auger Bits

Power spur auger bits provide fast wood boring through up to three studs. The spur head and coarse screw point provide fast, smooth boring in hard and soft woods and wide lands help keep the bit straight as it bores.

  • All bits fit drills with 3/8″ or larger chucks
  • Bits are 7-1/2″ long and have a twist length of 5″
Where to Buy
Item #DiameterShank Diameter
186701/4"1/4" hex
186715/16"1/4" hex
186723/8"3/8" hex
186737/16"3/8" hex
186741/2"3/8" hex
186759/16"3/8" hex
186765/8"3/8" hex
1867711/16"3/8" hex
186783/4"3/8" hex
1867913/16"3/8" hex
186807/8"3/8" hex
186821"3/8" hex