High Carbon Steel Machine Screw Plug Taps

High carbon steel machine screw plug taps are ideal for cutting right-hand internal threads.

  • Plug taps have 3 to 5 threads chamfered for general purpose applications when tapping to the bottom of a hole is not critical
  • Required drill size is permanently etched on the tool for quick and easy reference
Where to Buy
Item #SizeThread LengthOverall LengthShank DiameterNumber of FlutesUse Drill Bit SizeQuantityBulk Item #Bulk Quantity
200032-56 NC.4381-3/4".1413503, 1 per card--
200574-36 NS.5621-7/8".141/.1453443, 1 per card--
200584-40 NC.5621-7/8".141/.1453433, 1 per card--
200595-40 NC.6251-15/16".141/.14537/64"3, 1 per card--
200606-32 NC.6872".137/.1423363, 1 per card200103
200618-32 NC.7502-1/8".164/.1663293, 1 per card200113
2006210-24 NC.8752-3/8".188/.1954253, 1 per card200123
2006310-32 NF.8752-3/8".188/.1954213, 1 per card200133
2006412-24 NC.9372-3/8".216/.2204163, 1 per card200143
2006514-24 NS1.0002-1/2".250/.2574103, 1 per card200153