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Grinding Points

Recommended for grinding and shaping metal.

  • 1/4″ shank fits die grinders and all drills
  • Constructed of aluminum oxide for fast removal of all types of metal
Where to Buy
Item #ThicknessUseable LengthDescriptionQuantity
167013/4"1-1/8"Round pointed tree5, 1 per card
1670211/16"1-1/4"Pointed tree5, 1 per card
1670311/16"7/8"Pointed cylinder5, 1 per card
167061-1/4"1/4"Pointed edge5, 1 per card
167083/4"3/4"Round ball5, 1 per card
167103/4"1-1/4"Cylinder5, 1 per card
167111"3/8"Wheel5, 1 per card
16714AssortedAssorted50 piece set50 pieces per display