Diamond Blades - Turbo Diamond Abrasive Blades

Diamond Blades – Turbo Diamond Abrasive Blades

Recommended for cutting brick, concrete, cement block, granite, fiber cement, tile, stucco, stone and other masonry materials.

  • Blade cuts two to three times faster than standard abrasive wheels, reducing blade changes and minimizing job interruptions
  • Blade helps maintain consistent cutting depth because it wears so slowly
  • Note: Diamond blades are a Type 1 abrasive wheel
Where to Buy
Item #DiameterTypeArborMaximum RPMQuantity
292044"Small angle grinder
7/8-5/8" bushing14,5001
292077"Circular saw / large angle grinder
7/8-5/8" bushing8,5001
292454-1/2"Small angle grinder
7/8-5/8" bushing13,2001