Depressed Center--Metal (Type 27)

Depressed Center–Metal (Type 27)

Ideal for weld grinding, surface conditioning, fast cut-off, notching and stock removal tasks.

  • Aluminum oxide grit, 24 grit grain size, in the middle range on the bond hardness scale
  • Durable aluminum oxide provides fast metal removal
  • Quick change threaded hubs for 7″ and 9″ angle grinders
  • Wheels with 1/4″ thickness are recommended for heavy duty stock removal
  • Wheels with 1/8″ thickness are ideal for fast cutoff
  • Wheels with 1/8″ thickness are ideal for fast cut-off
Where to Buy
Item #DiameterArbor SizeThicknessGritMaximum RPMQuantity
174514"5/8"1/8"A24R15,00010 (bulk)
174534"5/8"1/4"A24R15,00010 (bulk)
174584-1/2"7/8"1/8"A24R13,00010 (bulk)
174604-1/2"7/8"1/4"A24R13,00010 (bulk)
174667"5/8" - 111/8"A24R8,60010 (bulk)
174687"5/8" - 111/4"A24R8,60010 (bulk)
174749"5/8" - 111/8"A24R6,80010 (bulk)