Black Oxide™ Stubby Length Spade Bits

Black Max™ spade bits feature a black quench coating that increases wear resistance. They cut 3X faster than standard spade bits thanks to the innovative screw point tip. The tip is threaded like a wood screw and literally pulls the bit through the wood for fast cutting action. The pulling action of the tip means less pressure is required behind the bit making overhead applications easy on the arms.

  • All bits are 4″ long for easy use in tight spaces and feature a 1/4″ quick change hex shank with power groove
Where to Buy
Item #DiameterQuantity
144853/8"5, 1 per card
144861/2"5, 1 per card
144875/8"5, 1 per card
144883/4"5, 1 per card
144897/8"5, 1 per card
144901"5, 1 per card
144911-1/8"5, 1 per card
144921-1/4"5, 1 per card
144931-1/2"5, 1 per card