Bell Hanger / Installer Drill Bits

Bell hanger / installer drill bits are designed with a hole in the tip for running wires through walls, ceilings and floors. Use to install computer, telephone, television, stereo and security system wires.

  • Wide flute design provides fast, clean boring action in wood and drywall
Where to Buy
Item #DiameterShank DiameterFlute LengthOverall LengthQuantity
133211/4"1/4"3-3/4"18"3, 1 per card
133225/16"1/4"3-3/4"18"3, 1 per card
133233/8"1/4"3-3/4"18"3, 1 per card
133251/2"3/8"3-3/4"18"3, 1 per card