Hole Saw System Types – How to Choose the Right Hole Saw System

Hole Saw System Choices

Hole Saw Systems Selection Guide


Bi-metal hole saws – For heavy duty cutting in wood, plastics, composite materials and any machinable metal (stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum).  Super hard high speed steel teeth cut fast.  Strong electron beam weld.  Knock out holes for plug removal.  Tough alloy body for long life.  Includes sizes from 9/16″ to 6″.  9 piece set for plumbers, 10 piece set for electricians, 7 piece set for automotive.



Fast cut hole saws – For cutting fast through wood. Ideal for plumbers and electricians that make repetitive cuts through 2×4’s.  For running pipe and wire.  Super hard high speed steel teeth cut fast.  Patented tooth design cuts through wood 6x faster than standard hole saws.  Deep gullets quickly remove chips for faster cutting.  Strong electron beam weld.  Includes sizes from 1″ to 2-1/2″

12″ mandrel extension – for use with mandrel 18503


Carbon hole saws -For cutting in wood, plastic and composition materials up to 3/4″ thick. Economical for the occasional do-it- yourselfer.  Precision-sharpened teeth for smooth cuts.  One piece alloy steel cup is hardened and tempered for long life.


Hole Saw Selection Guide