Hole Saw System Types – How to Choose the Right Hole Saw System

Hole Saw System Choices Hole Saw Systems Selection Guide Bi-metal hole saws – For heavy duty cutting in wood, plastics, composite materials and any machinable metal (stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, copper, brass, aluminum).  Super hard high speed steel teeth cut fast.  Strong electron beam weld.  Knock out holes for plug removal.  Tough alloy […]

Bi-Metal Hole Saw Recommended Cutting Speeds

Hole Saw Use and Care Information Lubricants – Use a good cutting oil for faster, more efficient cutting in ferrous metals. Do not use cutting oil when cutting cast iron. Paraffin or beeswax is frequently used when cutting aluminum. Workpiece position – Do not enter the workpiece at an angle. It is important to have […]