Advanced Wood Drilling Tips

Detailed answers for wood drilling questions Drill perfect holes in wood with no tearout There are two method to drilling holes in wood with no tearout based on precision. (1) Fine woodworking applications use a backer board. Clamp the workpiece and the backer board together. Select a good-quality bit with a starting point and side […]

Specialty Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Specialty Drill Bit

Specialty Bit Types Glass & Tile Bits – Smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble tile, china, mirrors and glass.  Spear-pointed tip design reduces breakout Step Drills – Designed for drilling a variety of perfectly sized holes with one bit. Also used for enlarging holes. Handle repetitive drilling of holes in thin gauge metal, wood, […]

Masonry Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Masonry Drill Bit

Drill Bits for Masonry Applications SDS-plus® – Drills holes into hardened concrete and other masonry where impact is necessary. Faster, more efficient drilling in more demanding masonry materials. Rotary Percussion – Hardened tip for use in impact mode. Allows impact mode to be used with a straight shank drill bit for faster drilling. Double Flute […]

Wood Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Wood Drill Bit

Multiple Wood Drill Bits for Various Applications Wood Drill Bits for Rough Finish Applications Spade Bits – Standard general purpose wood boring bits for all types of wood and fast holes. Beveled edge cuts faster than standard spade bits. WoodEater® Bits – Designed for overhead work, rewiring and remodeling in all types of wood. Cut […]

How to Guide for Drilling in Difficult Materials

Guide for Difficult-to-Drill Materials As workpiece hardness increases, appropriate tool materials, point geometries and surface treatments must be used to achieve longer tool life and higher productivity. Abrasive materials such as stainless steel, fiberglass, graphite epoxies, high silicon aluminum and various cast irons will quickly dull a drill point. More abrasive resistant high speed steel […]

Twist Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Twist Drill Bit

 Choose the Right Finish, Costing and Type Titanium – High speed steel bits which have been coated with titanium nitride. This special coating gives the bits a very high surface hardness to help penetrate tough materials, makes the bits highly corrosion resistant and significantly reduces friction between bit and workpiece. Titanium coated bits last up […]