Circular Saw Blade Comparison & Product Listing

Vermont American Circular Saw Blades Wood Cutting Circular Saw Blades King Carbide™ Series – Ripping and crosscutting soft and hard wood, chipboard, plywood, laminated and veneered panels. Remodeling blades for nail-embedded wood.  Resharpenable oversized Dyanite™ carbide teeth resist shock and last up to 5X longer than standard carbide. Thick, hardened bodies resist deflection for precise […]

Circular Saw Blade Speed Chart

Recommended Operating Speeds for Circular Saw Blades For extended blade life and quality of cut, saw blades should run between 10,000 and 18,000 SFPM (surface feet per minute). Never exceed 18,000 SFPM!  To calculate SFPM: (1) Multiply the diameter of the blade times Pi (3.1416) to get the circumference, then multiply circumference by RPM to […]

The Ultimate Circular Saw Blade Dictionary & Reference Guide

Circular Saw Blade Dictionary Saw blades are available in configurations for most applications, from general purpose blades to highly specialized designs. Everything depends on how much blade you want, and that’s often a question of construction material and amount of use. Below is a list of terms and illustrations to assist you in selecting the […]

Circular Saw Blade Anatomy and Grind Types

Learn the importance of circular saw blade anatomy Tooth design is the determining factor in deciding which blade is best for any application. Here’s a quick overview of how subtle changes in bevel, gullet and kerf affect cutting performance. Bevel – Teeth can have a single bevel, two bevels or no bevel at all. Types […]