Specialty Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Specialty Drill Bit

Specialty Bit Types Glass & Tile Bits – Smooth, accurate drilling in ceramic tile, marble tile, china, mirrors and glass.  Spear-pointed tip design reduces breakout Step Drills – Designed for drilling a variety of perfectly sized holes with one bit. Also used for enlarging holes. Handle repetitive drilling of holes in thin gauge metal, wood, […]

Masonry Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Masonry Drill Bit

Drill Bits for Masonry Applications SDS-plus® – Drills holes into hardened concrete and other masonry where impact is necessary. Faster, more efficient drilling in more demanding masonry materials. Rotary Percussion – Hardened tip for use in impact mode. Allows impact mode to be used with a straight shank drill bit for faster drilling. Double Flute […]

Wood Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Wood Drill Bit

Multiple Wood Drill Bits for Various Applications Wood Drill Bits for Rough Finish Applications Spade Bits – Standard general purpose wood boring bits for all types of wood and fast holes. Beveled edge cuts faster than standard spade bits. WoodEater® Bits – Designed for overhead work, rewiring and remodeling in all types of wood. Cut […]

Twist Drill Bit Types – How to Choose the Right Twist Drill Bit

 Choose the Right Finish, Costing and Type Titanium – High speed steel bits which have been coated with titanium nitride. This special coating gives the bits a very high surface hardness to help penetrate tough materials, makes the bits highly corrosion resistant and significantly reduces friction between bit and workpiece. Titanium coated bits last up […]